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LegalZone helps entrepreneurs with educational resources, advertising and search engine optimization. For example, LegalZone helps businesses, realtors and other legal service professionals get leads and grow their business.

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LegalZone Provides Educational Material

The goal of is to help entrepreneurs with free quality educational content. LegalZone also helps lawyers and professionals get leads by creating custom advertising campains.


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On our website, you can easily search and read about legal advertising. When designing LegalZone, we decided to make is as simple as possible.

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LegalZone for personal and business use

LegalZone helps professionnals such as lawyers, real estate agents and other professionals with their advertising and SEO optimization.


Accessible on all your devices is a fully responsive website and is accessible on all your devices. However, for the best experience of LegalZone, we recommend using a desktop computer.

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LegalZone: a DIY legal service available 24/7

LegalZone can help you grow your practice with our advertising solutions.

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Since 2021, helps businesses with their SEO and advertising needs. Our goal is also to provide as much free valuable infomation as possible about starting and running a business.

“LegalZone allowed me to quickly generate a lease agreement for my rental property. The LegalZone document generator is user friendly and the documents can be printed and downloaded”
Victoria Liao
LegalZone Customer
“I used LegalZone to generate a power of attorney. This saved me some money and I was able to quickly access and edit the document. LegalZone saved me both time and money”
Xu Gaudin
LegalZone Customer
“LegalZone saves me time when generating legal documents. I recently used it to generate a residential lease agreement. I will use again in the future.”
LegalZone Customer

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