PPC Advertising for Lawyers

Are you trying to improve your law firm’s lead generation results? If so, a strategy to consider implementing is PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. With a well-planned, strategic PPC campaign established, you can see almost immediate results and new leads coming to your site.

If your law firm isn’t currently taking advantage of what is offered by PPC, it is missing out on potential clientele. Not only does this mean you aren’t getting clients needing services, but your competition is.

Combining PPC efforts with organic content, social media optimization, and SEO, you can create a digital presence that stands out from other law firms in your area. Keep reading to learn more about PPC advertising and why it is something your law firm can’t afford to go without.

What to Know About PPC for Law Firms

PPC is a type of digital advertising. It is when advertisers pay every time the website being promoted receives a click. Google holds 92% of the search engine market and offers PPC advertising for users. With Google AdWords, your law firm can bid on a keyword related to your services and then receive traffic based on people who search for that keyword.

The Top Benefits Offered by PPC Marketing for Law Firms

PPC offers more than a few benefits. There are a few reasons to start using PPC efforts, which can be found here.

PPC Ads Help Your Services Appear Higher in SERPs

When you search for something using Google (or another search engine), the first three to four listings are typically paid adds. This means that you can get your site showing up at the top of SERPs (search engine results pages) before your organic efforts “kick in.”

Your Competition Is Actively Using PPC Advertising

If you want to stand out from your competition, you must attract new clients. With PPC ads, you can build a rapport with all your clients and provide more information about the services offered by your law firm. You can also show how past clients have benefited from the legal services you offer.

You Control the Keywords in Your Ads

With Google Ads (and other forms of PPC advertising), you can easily target micro-moments and high-intent searches. If someone is searching for a product or service online, there are certain keywords that will help the search engine know their search intent. The primary target audience you have needs to be those who are searching for keywords with commercial intent. These are the keywords that indicate the searcher is ready to get more information or to fill out a contact form.

You can use Google AdWords pay-per-click platforms to help you find the search terms that are most valuable. You can then use these to improve your efforts and achieve even better results.

Make Instant Adjustments as Needed

When you first get started with your advertising efforts, the results won’t be where you would like (in most cases). It takes some law firms a few months to fine-tune their campaign to get the desired results. One benefit offered by PPC advertising is that it allows you to make swift, decisive changes to your efforts.

You can click and change whatever you need to after testing to see what is and isn’t effective. Even better, the adjustments you make will go live right away. This will help you optimize your ability to drive more traffic to your website.

Target the Right Audience

Investing in PPC advertising allows you to target a lot of consumer characteristics. This means that you can target the people who are actively searching for your services. Your ad will be shown when someone searches a term you have targeted that is relevant to what you offer. PPC, when used properly, will help you maximize your connections with your clients and find clients that want what you have to offer.

Easily Track the Results of Your PPC Efforts

Thanks to search engines like Google wanting to make PPC easy for users, it’s also easy to track the results your ads achieve. Data will be updated in real-time for your advertising. This means it will be easy for you to see what campaigns are doing best and which ones need work. This type of insight is invaluable – especially when marketing dollars are involved.

Why Your Law Firm Needs to Invest in PPC Advertising

PPC advertising for lawyers may seem overly complex, but with the right strategy, it can provide a huge ROI. Do you need help with your PPC campaign? If so, reach out to our team today. We can create an effective PPC strategy that will help you achieve the desired results. If you have questions or would like to get started, reach out to us today. We are ready to create the custom campaign you need to help you achieve great results through PPC advertising.